Chelsea Blackerby

As a woman, yogini, mother, artist and sculptor Chelsea's work is inspired by the dynamics of living in a body, what it means to share space with others and the potency and aliveness that can be had by bringing more awareness to anything one does.

Chelsea found yoga in 1999, at the ripe age of 17, in a little bookstore on a walk home from school. She began a solitary Sadhana practice. She practiced everyday in her backyard. Her grandmother affectionately explained to their neighbors and her dad that Chelsea was "practicing her yogurt."

Chelsea's learning accelerated when she found teachers Bill and Margot Milcetich in 2011.
Committing to this practice guided by them stoked a fire inside which became brilliant, fierce and enduring. Chelsea is still warmed by this inner fire and remains in awe at the perpetual depths each one of us have, if we dare to go there.

Chelsea completed her 200 hr training through Bramrishi Yoga in 2013 and continues to studying with her teachers.

Chelsea's classes begin with flowing movements to ease residual tension and open the breath. Longer static holds then build strength in a body that's relaxed. Time to close our eyes and feel is woven throughout class and punctuates the end in deep rest. Her approach to body alignment can benefit anyone who wishes to experience greater energy, a deepening sense of wellbeing and a greater freedom of movement.

Aside from her work, she loves spending time with family, writing, reading, gardening and cooking. She also has a strong interest in building women's community and is currently studying to be a doula.

Chelsea Blackerby instructs the following:
  • Restorative Yoga
  • Relax and unwind for the winter holidays with a restorative class.  Restorative yoga helps relieve stress and tension, rejuvenates the body.  It also improves the quality of sleep and digestion and builds immune functioning.