Zoe Apisdorf

A native to the North East Ohio area, Zoe has been practicing yoga since the young age of ten when she first practiced alongside her mother. With a more consistent practice developing in the past 5 years Zoe decided to pursue yoga teacher training at Chagrin Yoga to strengthen her own understanding of the yogic practice. There she received her 200hr certificate in Vinyassa and her current area of interest is in practicing yoga not as an athletic challenge, but as a way to better experience the union of the mind, body and soul. The meaning of the word yoga is "union" and in Sanskrit yoga comes from the root word, 'yuj' meaning "to-join". Zoe is deeply moved by this and believes that all are one. She believes that the experience of being alive is simply the universe expressing itself and works both in and out of the yoga classroom to bring this oneness into her life.

Outside of her yoga practice she works with children ages 4-13 at an alternative school in Chagrin Falls. She is deeply moved by young children, specifically how they play and experience their worlds. Drawing on the teachings of her students Zoe brings an open and playful, yet at the same time respectful, attitude to her yogic classes. She is also an avid gardener and practices growing plants, fruits and vegetables as meditation. She has said, "I believe that when I personally experience the birth of a seed and the death of a plant I am reconnecting to my own impermanence. This helps me stay alive and grateful!" She also is a committed horseback rider and values her friends and family dearly. Finally, Zoe feels that her own practice Both as student and teacher is just budding and that she has a lot to learn. She is looking forward to sharing with each yogic practitioner and is grateful for their willingness to show up to their mat and breathe.

"I am looking forward to cultivating part of my life in the Kent yoga community and cannot wait to experience all of the lessons we have to share with each other!." -Zoe

Zoe Apisdorf is currently not instructing any classes.