300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training

One Love Yoga is a registered yoga school through the Yoga Alliance providing 300-hour level certifications. Upon completing your 300-hour training you will receive a certificate from the Yoga Alliance.

Objectives of the 300 hour yoga teacher training program:
Gaining facility with the fundamentals of anatomy, in the poses and the transitions

The bones, ligaments and muscles of yoga

Verbal cues based on biomechanics of movement

Our conversation with the nervous system
The many shapes of breathing from natural to unnatural pranayama

The physiology of breathing and the systems of the body

Philosophy of yoga and mental focus

Samkhya Sutras, Yoga Sutras and Bhagavad Gita

Taking a class inward using the kosas

How the three gunas of nature guide a class

The teacher as a student of yoga: compassion and language 

Specialty classes: Restorative, Chair, Prenatal, Trauma-informed, Dosa-informed

Assisting: Principles and Application for all levels

Individual service: a final written presentation, class and internship reflecting integration and mastery of the material

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300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training

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Is there anything you can share about your physical, mental or emotional challenges that can help us support you with this training?

Reason for taking teacher training at One Love Yoga?

What do you hope to do for yourself or others with this Teacher Training?

Is there a specialty of yoga that you would like to learn more about? (prenatal, chair, restorative, therapeutic or other)

By signing this document you agree to the following terms:

Teacher Training cost includes unlimited yoga for the duration of training, all books, manuals, and 300-hour certificate (upon completion of the mandated 200 hour training and full payment for course). Unlimited yoga is only valid during the duration of the original semester the student begins their training. If student splits training between two separate semesters the unlimited yoga is not valid for the second semester of training.
If for any reason One Love Yoga cancels the Teacher Training prior to beginning of training, all payments will be reimbursed.

If for any reason students choose to drop out prior to start of training, the down payment will not be reimbursed. Down payment can be used for future teacher training. 

If for any reason students are unable to complete training once the program begins, they will forfeit the down payment and any monthly payments made up to the point of their departure from the training. This includes termination of program by discretion of One Love Yoga Teacher Training Staff or by the individual choice of the student. Students may be able sign up for future teacher training based on the discretion of One Love Yoga Teacher Training Staff. If student continues training all payments will apply to that semester.