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Erin Cornell

Erin's journey into yoga began with an intention to quiet self limiting beliefs and find her true self. She left her first class, feeling a transformation in awareness. She saw the breath to the trees, felt the expansive yet pervasive nature of the universe, and knew instantly that yoga was a path worth taking. She has continued a daily practice since then, as well as an enthusiastic study of its philosophies. Her desire to share this love led her to the yoga teacher training at Chagrin Yoga, where she obtained her 200 hour certification with the Yoga Alliance. She was also attuned to first degree in the Usui System of Reiki Healing through this program.

Erin believes that yoga is about easing the mind to connect with our innate energy. She dreams of a world where everyone finds their own edge: the place past fear where we recognize our true capabilities and expand our human potential. She gives you the space and opportunity to do this in every class she teaches. Her classes are fun yet challenging and through a compassionate approach, welcoming to all. Erin has a passion for handstands and inversions and hopes to share her knowledge of them with you in a safe and encouraging environment.

She is deeply grateful to the teachers and guides she has encountered in life, and is excited to continue to learn, with and from you! She is confident that yoga is a transcendent experience for everyone who chooses it, indeed connecting us to our true selves. She is also confident that one day she may be able to smile and breathe in a twisted chair pose, but only time will tell.

Erin Cornell instructs the following:
  • Vinyasa Flow
  • This vinyasa class builds on improving your foundation practice but is more challenging than basic yoga. A great class to de-stress the busy mind and help with flexibility, endurance and fluidity of motion. Sequences and range of difficulty vary with each instructor so come try one that fits your style of practice! Appropriate for all levels of experience but some knowledge of basic yoga is helpful.

  • Power
  • Practice of postures that are more challenging than basics and vinyasa flow classes. This power class focuses on alignment and movement throughout the poses. This energetic, fun class invigorates your body and mind and works all the kinks out of your day. Definitely the most strenuous of classes for those that want to work! Come hydrated and ready to move!

  • Slow Flow
  • A slower class that uses the basic postures of vinyasa flow to focus on breath work and alignment. This class is a good transition class between basic and vinyasa flow. Slow Flow yoga provides a relaxing environment where you can drop the stress of everyday life.