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Yoga Etiquette


  • Please plan on arriving early to the studio if you are registering for the first time.  You will need to arrive about 15 minutes early in order to provide your information and familiarize yourself with the yoga studio.  Please dress in yoga attire or other similar workout gear.  Our studio is heated between 80-90 degrees so please keep that in mind when planning to attend class.


  • Please plan on removing shoes and socks at the door of the yoga studio.  Yoga is a practice that is done in bare feet.


  • Bring a yoga mat, a small towel and water to keep hydrated.  Water is sold at studio for $1 if you forget to bring yours from home.  It is advised to come with an empty stomach.  Come to class 1-2 hours prior to eating a meal.  We also have mat rentals for $2 per session if you don’t have your own or forget to bring one.


  • Please do not wear perfume or any strong-scented lotions to class.  Many people have allergies and/or aversions to strong scents and you may be in close proximity to your neighbor on your mats.


  • Please no cell phones or pagers in the yoga studio.  If you must bring one with you, please make sure it is in the silent mode.  Let your instructor know you may have to step out if necessary.


  • Please be respectful of the other students by not talking or by speaking very quietly once entering the yoga studio space or when exiting after class.  Many students take advantage of the few minutes prior to class or after to meditate and clear the mind.             


  • Let your instructor know of any injuries or pregnancy prior to class.  He/she will be mindful of your limitations during class and can offer any modifications needed to assure your safety/comfort.


  • Savasana, or final relaxation, is an important part of your yoga class.  Savasana is essential in order to absorb the full benefits of your practice.  Please don't short yourself by leaving class early, but if it is unavoidable,  please inform your instructor prior to class.