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This is what recent graduates of One Love's 200-hour level teacher training are saying:

"When I originally decided to do a yoga teacher training, I thought I would only be doing it to deepen my practice. I couldn't have imagined that I would want to actually stand in front a group of people and lead a class. Now I hope to be able to share this practice with other people. The teachers that I had met at One Love had made such an impact on my personal life, I couldn't imagine doing it anywhere else.

I have learned how many ways I was missing out on things prior to my teacher training. I am so much more aware now of when I am not truly being present throughout the day. I am able to notice that and change it. I have learned to better control my emotions, reactions, and responses when I am faced with difficult situations. This experience has also helped me to tactfully manage difficult situations that I previously may have just shied away from in ways that are not viewed as being confrontational or rude.

There are so many facets to the yoga practice that can enhance your life off the mat. It is incredible to me that such an ancient practice can still be so relevant in these times. I have learned so much about the philosophy and physical practice it seems overwhelming at times. But I have also learned that "teacher training" will continue for us for many more years, perhaps a lifetime, and that is also part of the beauty of yoga. There is always a new journey up ahead and you never know exactly where it's going to take you." ~Patricia

"I did yoga teacher training to help me find my way in life, to help me learn about myself, to deepen my yoga practice, and of course to teach everything I can to other yogis! I wanted to do it at One Love because it was the first yoga studio I had ever gone to and I knew it would always have a special place in my heart." ~Allison

"This 200-hour program is so beautifully put together. There is so much room to journal and learn more about yourself, while incorporating the ancient history of yoga, how to ignite the practices of the yamas and the niyamas, and understanding anatomy and poses. I have learned that I never want to stop learning. I am enthralled in the adventure. Truly captivated by what I have been introduced to." ~Morgan

"One Love has always been my yoga home, so when I felt an inner call to teach there was no where else I could imagine going to learn. I have learned that there is infinite love around us, allowing us to connect so deeply with others and together do beautiful, amazing things." ~Olivia

"The curriculum for the 200-hour yoga teacher training at One Love is put together thoughtfully and with attention to the whole practice as it suffuses each moment of our lives. There's asana, sure, and important techniques like sequencing, but the strength of the program is how it teaches us to be teachers: to hold space for others, to empower others in their own bodies and experiences, to connect with our own intuition and witness consciousness so that we might assist others in doing so, too. The teacher trainees were introduced to many perspectives on yoga and teaching, and we were encouraged to use these as reference points, not mandates, in developing our own approach. The depths and wisdoms that we've been able to access are transformative, and the program at its core is about love. I've become a certified yoga teacher, but the training has profoundly supported my me in all aspects of my life: my day job, my relationships, my personal practice, and so on. I'm humbled to have been among such a singular cohort that shared so much joy with each other. We've made lifelong connections that will grow as beautifully as our teaching and our practice. Like the "one love" of the studio's name, the teacher training led us equally with reverence and playfulness to what Coleridge called "the one Life within us and abroad": the light to which we bow at the end of every practice as we say namaste." ~Trey