Silk Mill Class Descriptions

At the One Love Yoga Silk Mill location classes offered have a slower and more gentle approach. Take a look at the descriptions of each class below to find the class that would best suit your yoga practice. 
Moderate Yoga - All Levels

Moderate yoga gives a different kind of challenge - less poses more variations seeking to activate and strengthen alignment and space in the joints of the body. Great class for shoulders, hips, back and knee projects. 

Gentle Basics - All Levels

This is a great class for those new to yoga or those looking for a way to unwind and reset before the week. The pacing will be slow with lots of guidance on how to adapt the poses for your body.

Gentle Yoga - All Levels

Gentle yoga meets you where you are, whether you are in recovery from an injury or illness, or you simply prefer a slow pace or more warm-ups. While there are not necessarily beginner class, this may be a good place to start if you are unsure of your level.


Slow Flow Yoga - All Levels


A slower class that uses the basic postures of vinyasa flow to focus on breath work and alignment.  In slow flow you can expect to hold postures longer for a slow burn as well as graceful transitions between postures.  This class is a good transition class between basics and vinyasa flow.  Slow Flow yoga provides a relaxing environment where you can drop the stress of everyday life.

Chair Yoga - All Levels

Chair yoga is a great alternative for people who may not be able to transfer from the floor easily due to weight, joint problems, frailty, or simply personal preference. Students are a mix of ages and abilities. Chair classes involve seated poses using the chair for support as needed.


Gentle/Moderate Yoga - All Levels


Gentle/Moderate is a mix of warm-ups and gentle stretching, stabilization poses, strengthening, balancing and relaxation. The practice is a bit more challenging than Gentle yoga classes but the pace is similar. Modifications are given and is beneficial for all levels of practitioners.


Strength Training - All Levels


This is an ongoing mind/body strength class, with a focus on breath, alignments, and body awareness. This class uses elements from yoga, pilates, and barre for a thoughtful muscle building workout.