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Class Descriptions

At the One Love Yoga you will find an array of classes offered. Take a look at the descriptions of each class below to find the class that would best suit your yoga practice. The description of each class also includes level of experience.
Restorative - All Levels

Restorative yoga is a style accessible for all levels of students.  The class has a gentle approach and focuses on breathing and meditating while being supported by props such as blankets, blocks and straps.  A few of the benefits of practicing restorative yoga include improved quality of sleep, better digestion and stress relief.



Moderate Yoga - All Levels

Moderate yoga gives a different kind of challenge - less poses more variations seeking to activate and strengthen alignment and space in the joints of the body. Great class for shoulders, hips, back and knee projects. 


Basics Yoga - All Levels

For the beginner or the student who has been away from their practice for awhile, this basics yoga class focuses on awareness of breath and the connection with movement.  It also awakens the relationship between mind and body as you learn the alignment principles and postural patterns of beginner yoga.  Strength and muscle endurance isn't necessary but will be gained with regular attendance. 

Gentle Yoga - All Levels

Gentle yoga meets you where you are, whether you are in recovery from an injury or illness, or you simply prefer a slow pace or more warm-ups. While there are not necessarily beginner class, this may be a good place to start if you are unsure of your level.


Slow Flow Yoga - All Levels


A slower class that uses the basic postures of vinyasa flow to focus on breath work and alignment.  In slow flow you can expect to hold postures longer for a slow burn as well as graceful transitions between postures.  This class is a good transition class between basics and vinyasa flow.  Slow Flow yoga provides a relaxing environment where you can drop the stress of everyday life.

Chair Yoga - All Levels

Chair yoga is a great alternative for people who may not be able to transfer from the floor easily due to weight, joint problems, frailty, or simply personal preference. Students are a mix of ages and abilities. Chair classes involve seated poses using the chair for support as needed.


Gentle/Moderate Yoga - All Levels


Gentle/Moderate is a mix of warm-ups and gentle stretching, stabilization poses, strengthening, balancing and relaxation. The practice is a bit more challenging than Gentle yoga classes but the pace is similar. Modifications are given and is beneficial for all levels of practitioners.


Strength Training - All Levels


This is an ongoing mind/body strength class, with a focus on breath, alignments, and body awareness. This class uses elements from yoga, pilates, and barre for a thoughtful muscle building workout.



Yin Yang Class - Intermediate

Yin Yang takes a unique approach to the average yoga class as it combines power poses with restorative poses.  Get energized during the power portion of the class where you can expect to be challenged with core work, advanced postures and balance.  Rejuvenate during the restorative portion with poses that will help to relax and restore your body using props and focusing on breath work.



Vinyasa Flow Yoga - Intermediate 

The vinyasa flow class builds on improving your foundation practice but is more challenging than basics yoga.  A great class to de-stress the busy mind and help with flexibility, endurance and fluidity of motion. Sequencing and range of difficulty vary with each instructor, so come try one or all and see which suits your style of practice!  Appropriate for all levels of experience, but some knowledge of basics yoga is helpful.



Power Vinyasa Yoga - Advanced 


Power vinyasa is a practice of postures that are more challenging than basics and vinyasa flow classes.  In this class expect to be challenged with core work, complex transitions and powerful modifications; as well as inversions and arm balances.  Power vinyasa yoga classes focus on alignment and movement throughout the poses.  This energetic, fun class invigorates your body and mind while working out all the kinks of your day.  This is our most vigorous of classes; please come hydrated and ready to move!