Kim Quinn

Kimberly Quinn, a busy mother of four and practicing attorney, knows what it's like to live in a hectic world. After finding yoga and honing her practice she realized the potential benefit of helping others through her own style and teaching.

She completed her Yoga Certification, a 200 hour Yoga teacher training course, culminating in January 2012. Always looking to grow, she has attended a number of yoga workshops including Foundations in Action in Miami, Florida with Baron Baptiste, Gravity and Grace with Peter Sterious and an immersion workshop with Sid McNairy and Pradeep.

Kimberly's philosophy centers on healing and strengthening the body, while reconciling the pressures and pace of everyday life with a meditative and spiritually uplifting practice.

Kim Quinn instructs the following:
  • Basics Yoga
  • For the beginner or the student who has been away from their practice for awhile, this basic yoga class focuses on awareness of breath and the connection with movement. It also awakens the relationship between mind and body as you learn the alignment principals and postural patterns of beginner yoga. Strength and muscle endurance isn't necessary but will be gained with regular attendance.

  • (Very) Gentle Aerial Yoga
  • Kim Quinn and Sandy Brotje will be co-teaching this class and it is as described, a very gentle aerial yoga class for those who may need a softer introduction to aerial yoga. You are able to use your class package or continuous membership for this class, or a $12 drop in rate. Due to the limited availability of silks, you must cancel within 24 hours if unable to attend or your account will be charged for the class.
    Please make sure to arrive 10-15 minutes early so your instructor has time to adjust the height of your aerial hammock. Bring or wear a long sleeve shirt to avoid any irritation from the hammock placement. Also do not wear heavy make-up or jewelry as it may damage the silks.

  • Reiki + Restorative & Essential Oils Workshop
  • $15 drop-in fee, pre-registration recommended

    Come join Kim, Sandy and Judith for this 90 minute workshop combining the stillness of restorative yoga with Reiki, an energy technique that relaxes and de-stresses the entire body on all levels.

    Sandy will lead the restorative yoga focusing on centering the breath and body and aligning the physical and mental bodies by practicing gentle movement for extended periods of time. Props such as bolsters, blocks, and blankets assist in helping you hold the pose longer. Kim will administer essential oils throughout the workshop to increase the relaxation experience.

    Judith will provide individual Reiki healing as you hold the poses taking your experience to the next level.